candidate database

Staff 360’s extensive database has been carefully screened, cultivated and maintained to ensure all candidates possess skills and expertise relevant to the agriculture industry. 

Our database has been maintained for the past 25 years leaving us with exceptional quality candidates.



+ Hands on experience in the agricultural industry

All Staff 360’s recruitment consultants have first-hand experience within the agricultural industry. You can be assured when you contact Staff 360 you are speaking to someone who understands your language and the importance of finding quality staff for your business.

+ Over 25 years of experience recruiting

Staff 360 brings over 25 years’ experience of providing Australian agricultural industries with highly skilled and qualified employees. We are passionate about the sustainability of agriculture, nationally and internationally, and believe that the key to achieving this is through constant up-skilling of our human capital.

+ We guarantee our candidates

If you start a permanent placement and things don’t seem to be working out there’s no need to worry! We understand employing a new staff member sometimes doesn’t work the way you hope it would. For peace of mind we offer a guarantee period where we will replace your candidate at no additional cost. This period varies between job roles, contact Staff 360 for further information.

+ Use of modern technology

Staff 360 uses modern, cutting edge technology to advertise, screen, process and send all candidate applications to you. We use a variety of job boards and social media platforms to access the best candidates in the market.

We are confident in finding the perfect candidate for your business. If things don't work out during your guarantee period we will happily find you a replacement!